Favorable review by The Journal of General Education

The Journal of General Education, Volume 59 Number 1, 2010 E-ISSN: 1527-2060 Print ISSN: 0021-3667

By Benjamin T. Brauer

“… Lehmann states that “there should be whole new schools where kids are accomplishing things that no one ever dreamed possible” (2009, p. 19). This concept was not lost on the Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel 2009 publication Twenty-first Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times. Trilling and Fadel make the case that just as the face of education changed during the industrial age, we are now at the crossroads of the knowledge age and a shift in instructional delivery and curriculum must occur. Through the course of their book, these two scholars describe what this change should look like and how to accomplish such a sweeping overhaul of the American educational system. Furthermore, this book provides suggestions and applicability for classroom teachers and administrators at the K-12 level. Trilling and Fadel also discuss the change needed among the ranks of higher education. In doing so, they discuss not only the training programs for future educators and administrators but also what the college classroom of the future should look like across all fields of study, not just those in the field of education. Finally, Trilling and Fadel take a holistic approach to their call for change, by examining the role that community members, business leaders, and policy makers will take in changing the educational landscape in the twenty-first [century]…”

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