Q & A on 21st Century Skills

What are 21st century skills?

➢    21st Century Skills are the set of skills students need to succeed in learning, work and life in this century.

➢    To ensure success, students need both deep understanding of the major principles and facts in core subjects (such as math, language, arts, science, history, etc.) and also be able to apply this knowledge to important contemporary themes (such as global awareness, financial, health and environmental literacy, etc.) using a variety of skills, such as:

  • Learning and Innovation Skills (critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation)
  • Digital Literacy Skills (information, media and technology literacy); and
  • Life and Career Skills (initiative and self-direction, leadership, adaptability, etc). Continue reading

Press Release: Learning for Life in Our Times

A practical guide to the learning our students need to thrive in our times

San Francisco, CA – Imagine a classroom where students are exploring the question, “Is nuclear power a good alternative to fossil-fueled power?” One group of students studies Marie Curie’s and others’ early discoveries in the physics of radioactivity, while another group researches how modern nuclear fission and fusion works, and a third analyzes current French politics and policies on nuclear power, including an online discussion of the issues with students in France. With the aid of appropriate digital technologies, the students synthesize and share their findings with each other and propose creative alternatives and possibilities.  Then the entire class holds a debate on the issues in front of parents and members of the community, and posts its findings on the internet for other classes around the world to share in and comment on. Continue reading